• Terafile.co

    General questions

    Question: What is Terafile.co?

    Answer: Terafile.co is an international service for safe transfer, storage, and distribution of files. The size of our servers is almost unlimited, which works on several gigabyte connection links. We can offer highest level of quality. Terafile.co is the best and fastest service for uploading, storing, and safe sharing of your files on the Internet from any location of the world.

    Question: Is Terafile.co service free?

    Answer: You can upload files up to 10GB absolutely free! You can also download files up to 2Gb free! No registration needed! The Terafile.co service is absolutely free and easy to manage.

    Question: Why do I need to register at Terafile.co?

    Answer: The registration gives you additional advantages. Depending on your account type you may obtain more features (from no speed limit and up to unlimited file storage)! Premium Users have the advantage, that they can load simultaneously a few files without waiting periods, layer ads, hourly limits or speed limits. Furthermore you can resume your downloads as Premium User, if you pause the download with a download manager and want to continue the download the next day (depending on the used Software).

    Question: I have purchased a Premium Account, but your system does not log me in. What could be wrong?

    Answer: Please make sure you did not erase cookies from your computer and not using any software that blocks receiving and sending of cookies, like firewall.

    Question: Can I search the Terafile.co server for certain files?

    Answer: No. Terafile.co protects the privacy of our users. Only the person storing a file on Terafile.co gets the download link. That person decides who should have access to the link. A file can only be downloaded if the download link details are known.

    Question: Can I delete my files?

    Answer: Of course. After successful uploading, you receive a download link and a deletion link. Please keep both. If you want to remove the file from the server, you can click on the deletion link.

    Question: I might enter my e-mail address when I register as a regular or premium member. Will I receive any solicitation emails to my e-mail address?

    Answer: No, you will not. We do not sell or give anybody e-mail addresses of our users. The only communication you may receive to your e-mail address from us are notification messages about our service. You need to enter your e-mail for password recovery.

    Question: For how long are files stored?

    Answer: The files uploaded by the users without Premium access are stored within 30 days from last download. The files uploaded by the Premium users are stored without any time limitations.

    Question: What happens to my data after my Premium Account has expired?

    Answer: If a Premium Account (paid period) expired, the package would just be reduced to a freeware version. The form of the data will be kept, but files, which are inactive for more than 30 days, will be deleted. You are always times entitled to convert the expired account to a Premium Account.

    Question: Since when will the Premium Account start working?

    Answer: The Premium Account is activated after the first use of a premium password while downloading.

    Question: No login, site only reloads.

    Answer: Please activate the Java Script functionality of your browser.

    Question: I've sent payment but I haven't received my username/password yet?

    Answer: An email containing the username and password information is always dispatched to an email you have registered. You can find username and password information in email.
    - Reset password using your transaction number at http://terafile.co/?op=my_account
    - Check Spam/Junk folder for email from Terafile.co with username/password details.
    - You can restore password at http://terafile.co/?op=forgot_pass
    - Create support ticket(don't forget include your transaction ID) at http://terafile.co/contact.html

    Question: I uploaded files, but I can't see them?

    Answer: Usually this will never happen, but in heavy rush hours there is sometimes a time lag and it can take up to dozen minutes before the file is ready for download.

    Question: My files disappear?

    Answer: Most probably we were received complain from copyright owner or other authority and thus remove your files.

    Question: What are limitations on Terafile.co for the number of downloads or daily download traffic?

    Answer: There aren't any limitations! All depends of the user connection speed, also there is restriction for free users: 60 minutes for guests and 30 minutes for registered users wait between each download. Daily download traffic: 25GB

    Question: Which download managers can I use?

    Answer: You may use any of the major accelerators, a few popular ones are: Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla also try google file download manager.

    Question: Why sometimes are files downloaded very slowly?

    Answer: The low speed may be also caused by the fact that the same file is downloaded simultaneously from a number of places. In such cases internet traffic is shared among all the users. If you want to have priority for downloading, we recommend registering a Premium Account or trying to download this file later.

    Question: What if the file that I wanted to download is missing on the server?

    Answer: There are only 3 reasons for files to be deleted

    - Upon the request of the copyright holders;

    - The file expiration date came;

    - The person who has uploaded the file to the service deleted it.

    It can also happen that the server hosting the file is temporarily unavailable.


    Question: How to start working?

    Answer: Go to the registration page and fill all fields. After that you need to go on Affiliate Settings page and choose your affiliate plan, set your payment method and other. Just check, it's simple, fast and one of the best ways to start make your own money right now!

    The next step is files uploading. We offer several tools to upload files:

    - Through the form on our main page. Choose the file you would like to upload to our service by a simple click Browse. You should click Upload and wait until your file uploads to our web servers.

    - FTP - uploading. To start uploading files through FTP to our web service you need a special software. To assure a stable connection you will need to follow just three parameters: your login, password and a server address. When file downloading is completed their links and information about them will appear in your account. After that you'll need to upload files from FTP server to the Terafile.co servers. All you have to do is just to click Upload button.

    - URL upload. You can also upload files from other servers in Internet. This download method is recommended for advanced Internet users.

    - Torrent upload. For this download method you need to have is a downloaded torrent file. Select a file and upload it. After that the system will load them into your account.

    Question: Why can't I upload a file to the server by Remote upload?

    Answer: Please be sure that file you are trying to upload is available for uploading and the link is direct. If you want to upload files from another file sharing service, please remember that in most cases a free link is unique and generated specially for you.

    Question: What is referral program and referral?

    Answer: A referral program is an affiliate program that is based on attracting new partners to work on our service. A referral is a person that was registered by your link (called 'referral link'). It's a new member of our Partner program attracted by you. If you attract any other partner to work on our service you'll get 5% of your referral earnings.